Ryan Woodhouse


Illuminations I: The Age of Origin

Each piece of art in this set follows the coming of Syrsevar, the Twelfth, to the Realms of Aegis during the Age of Origin.  For an in-depth account of this history, turn to the CMS I - The Age of Origin.

#1: It was to be Chaos - bright and beautiful."

In which Syrsevar, the Twelfth, born of Wrath and Valor and scarred by the Tantalum Crown, looks out across the Fyr-aeor Ritum.  He sees a world in need of burning ...

#2: The War of Shattering - the Battle of the Isdun

In which Syrsevar, in his limitless power, sees to the genocide of the great and god-like Astar, shattering them to Shards.

#3: The Second Council, at the Age of Origin's End

In which, after Syrsevar's defeat and imprisonment, the Eleven decide their place upon Aegis.