Maxwell Aston


Illuminations II: The Scars of Origin

Each piece of art in this set illuminates the travels of Aeginsyr, the First across the Realms during the Age of Shadow, revisiting the past and watching the future unfold.

#1: In the Shadows of the Raenûr

#2: Over the Scars of the Bloodwash

#3: The Evendûmn Hall, Corrupted

Sketch Series I: The Origin Mythos

Each piece of art in this set of Sketches follows the illustrated Canticles Mythos Series, Volume 1: The Age of Origin.

Concepts I: H.O.O.D. Locales

Each piece of art in this set illuminate the conceptual locations of the Canticles Web Series, Season 1: The Heroes of Our Days.

#1: The Mistwood

The Mistwood is the home of Sybil Liltshyr and the guardian Faireun.  When it is attacked by a Shadow cometh, Sybil is forced to flee the massacre of her people in the hopes to return, a holy spark in the night.

#2: Shadowfell

Shadowfell is a stone's throw from the great city of Whitehart, but has a wicked past and a dark future; it is where Sybil Liltshyr must dare to reveal the reasons for the Shadow's attack on the Age of Wisdom.

#3: Whitehart

Whitehart, also known as the Jewel of Aegis, has been so for two thousand years.  The enormous city is erected around and through the entire mountain, its structure one with the very rock of Aegis.  The mirrors seen set into the bartizans are used to blind and burn enemies, though no enemy has crossed the Reignway or the Spine for centuries.