What is Canticles?

Canticles is a Subscription-Based Independent Production Company.

Within this all new High-Fantasy Universe, every month there is new literature, music or art, and with enough subscribers we'll put into production the live-action web series!


  • Money raised through Subscriptions and Donations goes directly back into producing Canticles.
  • Our scale is directly affected by our number of Subscribers.
  • The more Subscribers we have, the larger Canticles grows, and the grander the production.


  • Canticles focuses on you.
  • We rely on relationships.
  • We are accountable - communication between us and the people who share the Canticles World with us is key.
  • There is no line between you and the creator of Canticles - we're all one family.

Subscription Levels

Shepherd of Aegis: $1.00/Month

  • Your name is anagrammed on the Canticles Website with a realm of Origin.
  • You receive our "newsletter", called Mimyr's Tidings, which is actually a monthly tabloid accounting the happenings across Aegis.  This includes weather forecasts, humorous curiosities, a main article short story following the tales of Everon XIII, and so much more!

Soldier of Aegis: $5.00/Month

  • All of the above, plus ...
  • An additional Track to the Canticles Aria every other month.
  • A new piece of Concept Art every opposite month as the previous.

Champion of Aegis: $10.00/Month

  • All of the above, plus ...
  • Your anagrammed name has a chance to be used in the Canticles canon!
  • Limited Edition Anthologies at every Canticles Anniversary!
  • The DVD of the Web Series Episodes by Season after its production and release!
    • [this reward is tentative to reaching 1,000 subscribers; that is what we need to fund the web series]