Canticles Literature Series

The CLS consists of the novels set in the Canticles Universe.  Forthcoming will be the following trilogy of works:

The War of the Crown

The Tantalum Crown

A Tenement Torn

The Thirteenth Cause

The CLS also consists of the Canticles Anthologies, which are collections of short stories set during a specific age of the Universe.  The First Sires Anthology is set during the Age of Origin; a tale is released each month, and the physical copy will be released at Canticles' Second Anniversary.  

Eight have been released so far, and now you can download two of the AudioTales to listen to them on the go!

Anthology I: The First Sires

A Bayman's Burden

An Elvar's Edict

An Orsain's Account

A Clanman's Folly