Canticles Literature Series

The CLS consists of the Canticles Anthologies and Novels.

The Anthologies are collections of short stories set during a specific age of the Universe.  The First Sires Anthology is set during the Age of Origin; a tale was released each month for a single year, and the physical copy is sent to our Champion Level Subscribers.

You can now view all twelve short stories in full by clicking on their names below.  We are also in the process of releasing each of the twelve as AudioTales, in which actors play the roles of each character in the story, and you can download to listen wherever you may go!

Anthology I: The First Sires


An Orsain's Account

A Bayman's Burden

An Elvar's Edict

A Reignman's River

An Eleaos'i's Abandon

A Numunyr's Crusade

An Evendain's Exchange

A Clansman's Folly

The CLS consists of the novels set in the Canticles Universe during the "Present Day".

The War of the Crown

A Forthcoming Trilogy