The Shepherds and Soldiers of Aegis

Below you'll find the names of the Shepherds and Soldiers of Aegis.  If you've Participated in the life of Aegis, you'll find yourself honored below as characters of the Realms (anagrams, of course!):

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·     Xamen Lawnstolm of the Reignhearth

·     Serri Beauzen of the Viridian

·     Drexel Samdane of the Wayward Heath

·     Ûnae Bowbree of Bowstead

·     Redegra Bergens of the Spine

·     Ferna Jircocenn of the Shimmerwood

·     Maccor Thawte of Westmarch

·     Escerna Clanghkill of the Bay of Bells

·     Lohn Jund of Cinderstride

·     Tyr Rouax of Seerhold

·     Eschlan Djergs of Stonehall

·     Lyra Mund of the Willowshyr

·     Ûrishyr Exalt of Myrhaven

·     Risnah Llankid of the Wreatheland

·     Alms Imnûl of Farmarch

·     Dianan Enekit of the Citadels

·     Vyasa Laslis of the Shimmerwood

·     Entyr Eanaring of the Ashwood

·     Seventas Mir of Ilsur’aeon

·     Eqirû Neume Willos of Leaflen

·     Sûradie Baetûmb of the Forgotten Rests

·     Mank Ewbark of the Vinevale

·     Wecerna Becman of Mistleton

·     Alici Begari of Marstead

·     Tren Dane of the Rig’nborough

·     Jula Robinbed of Bowstead

·     Tica Semtchir of Eastmarch

·     Tithel Mawk of Westmarch

·     Gaeltri Naeros of Mt. Goat

·     Pell Sincceumih of Fyrzain

·     Solis Calenn of Reignloch

·     Ororan Nashnoj of the Mountain Clans

·     Raffman H. Wondy, the warlock of Reignberg

·     Tesseril Jie Geb of Isdale

·     Eowar Jhulid of Orwell

·     Ceslia Faun Circon of Rötfort

·     L’ann Wynd of the Withered Deep

·     Ashmira Jita Mon-ean Tiptrap Tendsown of Ilsûr’aeon

·     Roe Nokas of the Reignway

·     Lias Jhetûwl of Marbor Bay

·     Prizm Kaeras, Envoy of Nûmundor

·     Osaeontir Prosl of Oisin

·     Thysa Kopoch of Mistleton

·     Ramuelge Bergens of the Spine

·     Tyrano Aura of the Wreathemire

·     Asil Ridgehawk of Bowstead

·     Credain Kern of the North Barrows

·     Eseon Gele of the Ever-aeor Ritûm

·     Kyri Nama of the Wildwood

·     Staerckirph Howler of the Vulture’s Tower

·     Ilsria Bewn of Fyrzain

·     Chlaron Ashbau, Chronicler of Boughfort

·     Ûriou Salkapp of Ilsûr’aeon

·     Lûraneh Lorcinn of Templeton

·     Misa Danji of Nûmundor

·     Lavid Dûnd of the Willowshyr

·     Lady Sûrda Campan of Stonehall

·     Vada Vises of the Ashwood

·     Emistet Cacihr of Creekhollow

·     Paliasoccip Gethaoman of the Searûn Strand

·     Lialemna Raenrim of Rignborough

·     Riteger Pepertin Jr. of Mistleton

·     Jove Dei of Ildûron

·     Cechlmal Raeom of the Spine

·     Ryri Aec of the Cascade