Canticles Weddings

Canticles are forever.  So is your love.

Taking interviews, shooting close-ups and making certain I capture the most heart-warming moments that tell the story of your love is what makes Canticles Weddings unique.

We take great pride in our attention to you.  You are unique, the bride and the groom, and so is your love.  Your memory of this will be as unique as you are, and we'd like to help these moments last forever in the digital age.

Our Packages!

The (+) at the end of each package means any additional cost due to the distance of a wedding located farther away than the base price accounts for, or if the length of the shoot is longer than the base price accounts for.  After you send us your specifics, we can tell you an exact price.

The Memory: $450+

The Memory Package is our basic film and editing package, giving you the best of your wedding ceremony in a nicely cut highlight reel (5 - 10 minutes) with a music overlay.  The videographer arrives the day of the wedding, will stay through the Ceremony.  Editing is included and the final product will be given as a digital copy that you can share on all your social media and save to your computer/tv.  A DVD of the highlight reel can be made available upon request.

The Legend: $750+

The Legend Package is our second film and editing package.  In addition to what is received in the Memory Package, the videographer will stay through the Ceremony and the Reception, and may take interviews along the way if the time allots.  This usually will extend the highlight reel to around 10 - 30 minutes.

The Fairy Tale: $950+

The Fairy Tale Package is our most in-depth of all.  Not only will the videographer stay for the Ceremony and the Reception, but footage will also be scheduled and shot before the wedding.  Depending on the bride and groom's timing, Canticles Weddings will capture the Full Scope of your love.  This includes interviews with the bride and groom before and after the ceremony, any dressings, rehearsals, as well as taking any relevant family members and friends thoughts and blessings, too!  We will work closely with everyone involved in the wedding, so that by the end, Canticles is part of your family.  We will tell the whole story, from beginning to new beginning.